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“I felt a strong urge to drop everything, to seek some excitement, and to explore a different way of living. When I heard about Lenguaje de Artista I thought it might be the opportunity I was looking for, to work in a project based on self-sustainability and improving the environment we live in. The project is now helping me to grow, to dream, and to focus on causes that I think are really important, promising, and necessary for changing the system we’re living in.” –Nayra

“I think Kevin wants to change the world, but in a loving way, not a fighting way.” –Freddy

Lenguaje is a puzzle in which I’m just a piece, like every person who joins us or has something to contribute. It is a process of becoming, of revealing itself, as new pieces fall into place.” –Kevin


It means “Language of the Artist” in Spanish, is a transformative creative platform, a work in progress, a community of volunteers, a mysterious plant that is already putting down roots and extending unexpected branches.

Registered as a cultural association in Spain, Lenguaje de Artista supports creative exploration and expression in an inspiring natural setting that helps people overcome their fears, find their balance, and give creative expression to their feelings, in harmony with nature.

Economic and personal self-sustainabilty is our practice and our goal. We blend traditional farming practices with modern permaculture theory, renewable energy, and alternative forms of shelter, in addition to the production of food and of handicrafted goods using natural and recycled materials.

We welcome all forms of cooperation and contributions from everyone who shares our goal of  living better lives in a better world.


Lenguaje de Artista is the initiative of Kevin, a young Dutchman who, in the midst of a successful, if accidental, career as a fashion model, became increasingly dissatisfied with modern urban life, which he calls “addictive, but toxic”. So he embarked on a physical and spiritual journey (check the vlog on Youtube) that eventually led him to work as an amateur farmhand on a hillside overlooking a bay studded with mussel beds. The hillside was located in green, gentle Galicia, where the western most Spanish sun sets latest over the Atlantic horizon. The rolling countryside was gorgeous, and it felt like the place he had been looking for, to connect with nature in a rural setting, an ideal spot for reinventing himself and the world!

“The key was spending a lot of time outdoors, listening to the silences, catching the slow rhythms of nature, along with all the colors and textures and flavours! I also learned that physical work is a great way to clear and focus the mind, and I started learning how to plant, grow, and prepare healthy food, cooperating with people who were glad to share their knowledge with me.”

The new lifestyle changed his outlook so dramatically, he says, “that I wanted to share it and perhaps inspire other people who are ready to start changing their lives and their world, maybe establishing an informal, self-sustaining community of farmers, artists, and artisans.”

With the support of old and new friends and acquaintances in Spain, the Netherlands, and beyond, along with a steady stream of visiting volunteers, he set to work. Here is how the project now stands: ASSETS

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