We believe that every person is uniquely valuable, and possesses creative powers; that every human life makes a difference: and that each of us can choose what kind of a difference we want to make.

We believe that the keys to individual happiness and harmonious communities are: thankfulness (for our life), restraint (of our behaviour), respect (for other people and for nature), and responsibility (for our actions), along with the spirit of cooperation, and mutual support. And that a sense of humour always helps.

We believe in balance, in the middle way. We are easy-going and open-minded, and we can tolerate everything EXCEPT intolerance, aggression, and lack of consideration for others. Individually we follow different spiritual and dietary paths. As a group we have no doctrine and are not aiming for purity or perfection, but only for happy outcomes for ourselves, our community, and our planet.

Experience is teaching us that living closer to nature, working with our hands, and growing food cooperatively and sustainably can not only feed us, but also unleash our creativity, bring joy to our lives, and nourish our hopes for the future.


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